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November 24, 2009


Darrel Robertson

George your upcoming sermon hits the proverbial Christian nail right on the head, especially the part Being "brutally honest with him" because once you do this God can use you as you are just as he did Paul, realizing you are now weak, he now can make you strong!.

There is no way getting around the fact worldly fame will not put your name in the "lambs book of life". Only repentance identifying with your lord that we are worthless without his saving grace.

And yes you are so wright in saying "he is more than just a baby
at Christmas time" because if we look closely enough at that baby in that manger we will see the shadow of a old rugged cross cast down upon it.
And those precious hands that were so soft and tender as a new born babe were soon going to be placed upon a cross and spikes driven through them.
And that precious newborn head that many kissed will soon have a set of 2 1/2 in thorns placed and shoved into its brow.
And that new baby's voice that is crying out for comfort for his mother, will soon be crying out in pain and agony in death asking why his heavenly father has forsaken him him.

All for what? all for us.

All I can say is....SICK-UM GEORGE! let those hear what Christmas is all about.

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